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Water proofing

Urinary urea, a substance blending elastomer resulting from the interaction ofSubstance "Aloizausanit", Resin material with a mixture of synthetic resin Products are innovative and unique use layer of protection and insulation lining, Full of breaks, where it maintained on the surface and works on strengthening 
And prevents access of all that exists surrounding environment, whether the liquids were Ootothirat to weather factors, whichmeans that the surface was protected polypropylene urea Surface is completely isolated and protected well from every external influences Valboly urea is a sophisticated technology that can be used for a wide range of different applications and can be used in different products of urea, polyethylene layer of protection mostly on the all surfaces

Protection and isolation:

  • Isolate the foundations of buildings and basements to protect them from wastewater.
  • Isolate fountains and waterfalls.
  • Isolation and finished swimming pools.
  • Solation and protection and finishing of drinking water tanks.
  • Isolation and protection of water pipelines Lining.
  • Canals and waterways .
  • Lined with artificial lakes .
  • Lining live fish museums Protection against chemical and petroleum products.
  • External protection and internal pipelines and chemicals .
  • Protection of external and internal tanks for petroleum and its products of different Protection of floors-intensive areas.
  • Airports: entrances and exits and shipping areas at airports .
  • Hotels: layer of protection for the entrances and service areas these hotels .
  • Trains: layer of protection from internal and external lines ofvehicles and trains .
  • Factories: factory floors layer of protection Protectionspecialist.
  • Layer of protection for the surfaces of bridges and structures of metal and concrete.
  • Layer of protection for the floors, water and amusement venues.
  • Layer of protection to areas Allandskyb statues and decorative .
  • Layer of protection for the floors and structures amusement individuals .
  • Layer of protection to all metal structures.
  • Layer of protection for car bodies .
  • Layer of protection to the metal scaffolding.
  • Layer of protection for the surfaces of Hanager.
  • Layer of protection for networks, mobile phone towers .
  • Layer of protection for the floors, walls, refrigerators and freezers and refrigerators as the urinary urea non-freeze Jetties and airports.
  • Layer of protection of coral and marine cement and mineral.
  • Layer of protection for the floors, floor pens.
  • Fill breaks Tramk aircraft .
  • Fill cracks and holes that occur in the airstrips.
  • Fill the intervals.
  • Fill breaks fountains and waterfalls.
  • Fill breaks metal and concrete bridges.
  • Fill the intervals Animated Buildings Fire and explosions.
  • Material back to the fire.
  • Fill the intervals Animated Buildings Fire and explosions.
  • Protection of structures and lives of car bombsFeature.
  • rapid dehydration as the drought Primary is in a time of no more than 45 seconds and the final in a time of drought does not exceed 24 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • Used to protect metal surfaces and concrete and wood from rust and corrosion.
  • Used in the consolidation and strengthening of surfaces.
  • Uses and applications are not limited Properties of various materials produced from the basis of poly urea.
  • Against water.













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