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Sound Insulation

Uses: Sound Insulation (Generators Rooms - Conference Rooms)
Sound Insulation: is achieved by placment of barrier between sound source and the receiver.
Sound measured in decibel (db).
Sound Transmission Class (STC):
A signle number used to describe the sound insulating value of a partition.
International building codes and health organization specified minimum requirements for sound transmission class (STC) based on location of partition.
Wall type STC
Between apartments of multi store building 53
Between classrooms and sport hall (school) 55
Between classrooms (school) 47
Between bedrooms and corridors (Hotel) 47
Installing Rockwool in wall partitions will provide significant improvment in their STC.
Sound Absorption Coefficient
The ration of the sound energy absorbed to the total sound energy incident at
a material's surface. Due to its open cell stuctre, Rockwool has superior sound absorption

properties. (NRC>0.95).
Reflected sound that persists within a room or space.
Reverberation Time:
Expressed in seconds, the time taken for a sound within a room to decay after being abruptly switched off.
Rockwool factory provides the technical support to its customers to the best selection of materials to suit ther needs and applications .
STC and Reverberation time for different wall partitions are calculated using special software that includes most of the known structural materials .












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